Choque de trenes
Tram Ride Into Halifax
Indigestion, Une
Leaving the Summit of Pike's Peak
Burlington Flyer
Chiens savants, Les
Rêve du paria, La
The Burlesque Suicide, No. 2
Appointment by Telephone
Cesta na Měsíc
Gavotte, La
Frustrated Elopement, The
Fée printemps, La
Emperor and Empress and Crown Prince of Germany, The
Train in Royal Gorge
How to Stop a Motor Car
Trains Leaving Manitou
Bonsoir m'sieurs dames
Flirt ve vlaku
Intervention malencontreuse
Boys Take Grandpa's Cigars with Distressing Results
Lieutenant Clive Wilson and the Tranby Croft Party Hull
Queen Wilhelmina and Kaiser Wilhelm Riding in the Tier Garten
Fun in a Bakery Shop
Horse Toboggan Slide
Grandma Threading Her Needle
Trésors de satan, Les
Panorama of Ute Pass
Uncle Josh at the Moving Picture Show
Équilibriste, L'